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About Trade Guru

After buying many cars in my life and not having great experiences, I wanted to start a different kind of car company built on Christian ethics and morals. Our faith guides us, but I tell people all the time, we love Jesus and set out to honor Him, but that doesn't mean your car will last forever lol! What it means is that we are always going to be honest and transparent with you! I wanted to set out to provide a high quailty used car without all the dealer tricks and deception What I found is people wanted that also! By being totally transparent and honest we built a small business into the largest independent dealer in the state. My wife and I sold that business in Indiana and moved to Florida with the dreams of doing the same business model here closer to our family in 2018. WE DID IT with the LORDS help! My company is called "Trade Guru" because we specialize in "new car trade ins".  If you don't know the difference between a new car trade and a normal car at the auction is a very important distinction, we look for cars that people trade in just because they want a new one not because there's something wrong with it, we don't buy from independent dealers who are trying to hide their sins and pawn their broke cars off on other people, Florida is full of nice low mileage one owner cars and that's what we specialize in, we mostly only buy from Highline luxury car dealerships here locally, people who paid 40k to 90k for a car usually take care of it and that's what we're gonna give you as the second owner! We look for 1-2 owners vehicles with documented service historys and Car Faxs. We source  We allow you to take the cars to mechanics and even keep overnight! We are easy to deal with and family owned and operated. You will feel comfortable and at ease the minute you walk in the door, I guarantee! You will NEVER be lied to, I guarantee! You will NEVER be overcharged, I guarantee that also! Please give us a chance to prove we are a great resourse for high quailty cash cars!  We price our cars are using Kelly blue book in an NADA, if you look at Car Gurus website all of our cars are beyond "fair deals" as they call them!  WE HAVE OUR OWN EXPERIENCED TECHNICIANS, INTERIOR WORKERS, BODY WORKERS, TIRES BRAKES YOU NAME IT WE CAN DO IT ALL. ONE OF THE BEST values I can offer my customers as a 50% off labor rate for the life of the car, that means when you buy a car from me if anything were to happen whether it be brakes or even a motor, you pay half the labor rate of any shop in town plus no Markup on parts, that could save you thousands in the life of your car. Our service department is not a "for-profit service department, it is to serve our customers and maintain our cars to keep you coming back and buying from us in the future.  We go through our cars and make sure we're selling a good product, but at the end of the day these are machines and sometimes bad things happen, you have my word I will personally answer your call and work to be at peace with you and the phone a solution to keep you on the road!  Most dealers just say hey you bought it as is have a great day, that's not who I am!  Please give us a chance to earn your business, avoid the games that dealers play with all the hidden fees, most dealers price a car but don't tell you that you have to finance it and put money down etc. etc. and then I hit you for a $2000 fee, run away! And come right to us!  Josh Stacy Owner 

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